360° visibility is an essential safety feature for operators to ensure they can see their surroundings. You can add any compatible mirror to control your attachments without turning around to look behind you.

The quality of Case IH

All of our accessories are top quality to ensure maximum safety within the cab.

Additional and accessory mirrors

Increase the visibility and safety of the sides and rear of the machine during your work and transportation.

(Mirror installed on rear window grab rail)

Mirror installed on rear window grab rail to optimize view to the pick-up hitch.

(Wide angle mirror)

Wide angle mirror This replaces the standard mirror inside the cab. For an improved view of the center-rear of the tractor.

(2 heated rear view mirrors )

2 heated rear mirrors electrically controlled to keep them from fogging or icing.

(Telescopic arms and mirrors)

Telescopic arms (x2) and rear view mirrors (x2) to replace standard arms. Ideal for road transport as they allow the operator to see behind a 3 metre wide trailed or mounted implement.


Case IH is committed to optimizing your performance. This is why we’ve created an extensive range of Genuine Parts to fit your machines perfectly. Built to the highest standards, just like our new machinery, these replacement parts will keep your machines in top condition today and in the long term.

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Pictures shown in this publication are for illustration purpose only. Please see your local dealer for model applicability and correct Part Number for your machine.


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